Glossary of Fantastic Ingredients



We salute the one true kernel!

Ella's is a superior collection of artisan popcorn confections and savories. The indulgent ingredients range from authentic Belgian chocolate to real berries, nostalgic cereals, and beyond. Each layer is folded in by hand in custom small batches. Perfect for gifting or sharing. Order online, ships nationwide!

Ella's popcorn is popped fresh daily using non-GMO corn. We use a mushroom variety, which produces a big billowy burst of fluffiness. 

Fantastic Ingredients!

Indulgent Chocolate, Fresh Fruit Extracts and Powders, Nostalgic Cereals

Pâte à Glacer Ivoire From renowned French chocolate maker Cacao Barry, a rich white coating chocolate.

Pâte à Glacer Brune Dark chocolate coating compound from renowned French chocolate maker Cacao Barry.

Strawberry Crispies  Made in Catalunya, Spain, these crispy bits made from real strawberries have a fresh picked strawberry flavor.

Hibiscus Extract  Imported Spanish hibiscus extract with hints of citrus peel, elderberry, and rose hips

Ivory, Dark, and Milk Chocolate Glazes Premium chocolate glazes with rich flavor, made exclusively for Albert Uster Imports, importer of specialty patisserie items.

Blackberry Aroma  Concentrated blackberry flavor, sweet, slightly tart with earthy undertones.


Golden Grahams  introduced in 1976, this toasted wheat cereal with a taste of honey and brown sugar gives us the perfect graham crunch for Campfire Pop.

Maldon Sea Salt  From Maldon Lake in Essex, England, this hand harvested salt with this snowflake shape delivers fresh intensity and clean taste.

Mushroom Pop Corn This bubble shaped popcorn with a hint of caramel sweetness is used for all of Ella’s sweet flavor varieties.

Coffee Extract  Imported premium French coffee extract, the preferred coffee flavoring of European pastry chefs.

Maple Extract  Intense maple flavor from real maple sap.

Cups to Servings

Planning to feed your army? 1 cup of popcorn yields one serving. We offer 2 Cup, 4 Cup and 8 Cup bags of many varieties and tins in 1/2 Gallon and 2 Gallon sizes. 

2 Cup 

 Size Servings
2 Cup 1 - 2 servings, snack size
4 Cup 4 servings, two's company size
8 Cup 8 servings, sharing size
1/2 Gallon 10 Servings, movie night size
2 Gallon 36 Servings, party size