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Café Au Lait

A black beret perched jauntily on her head, Ella sits at the Café du Trocadero... ..


Raspberry For Real

Sun ripened raspberries, ruby red, sweet and tangy have been prized for their delicate flavor... ..


Sea Salty Toffee

Toffee | Belgian Chocolate | Maldon Sea Salt Ahoy, Matey!  Feel the salty spray of the sea... ..


Sin-amon Bunz

Cinnamon | Bourbon Vanilla | Ivorie Chocolate The scent of fresh-baked cinnamon buns, dripping with... ..



Crisp Craquelin | Sri Lankan Cinnamon The mythical Cinnamon Bird made its nest from cinnamon... ..


The Gold Rush

12-year-old North Carolinian, Conrad Reed, found a 17-pound gold nugget in 1799 which led to... ..