Advancing a culture of gratitude

Corporate gifting is a great tool for empowering employee recognition, strengthening workplace commitment, increasing productivity, lowering turnover, building and retaining customer loyalty and brand awareness. US companies spend $120 billion annually for gifts to advance their culture of gratitude. Everyone loves food which represents 30% of the gifting market.

Need that perfect gift to reward, motivate or to thank someone? We have something for everyone!

Ella’s artisanal gourmet popcorn is the perfect food gift for everyone. Ella’s was created by a Culinary Institute of America trained chef with 30 years of experience catering to corporations and serving gourmet popcorn. Now Ella’s popcorn (named for her daughter) is moving from the event space to the broader corporate gifting space.

You've simply just got to taste it. The intense flavor that is packed into every kernel is unmet in any other popcorn confection that we've taste tested and it is because we use premium ingredients and take time to make sure that every kernel gets love. There are 20 flavors to choose from.

However, gifting large groups of employees and customers is not as easy as it should be. There are many cumbersome technologies out there, we want to make gifting as simple as using an online Google spreadsheet, literally! There is no easier platform for sending out tens or thousands of gifts.

With our gifting platform, you simply enter a name, email and optionally a cell phone number in a Google spreadsheet and we do the rest -- announcements via email/text, gift selection via mobile-friendly gift portal, and automated order fulfillment and tracking. No need to learn new tech to manage your gifting program!

Need customization – your logo and colors, custom packaging or even custom flavors – no problem!

We’re partial of course but nothing says “we appreciate you” better than Ella’s gourmet popcorn!

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