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Delicious Flavors

Strawberry Hibiscus

Strawberry Crisps | Hibiscus | Ivory Chocolate Warm spring sunshine beams down on the strawberry patch. ... ..


Rainbow Celebration

Rainbow Celebration

Fruit Bits | Rainbow Chocolate You won’t need a pot of gold because all the treasure... ..

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Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolatey, Crunchy, Peanutbuttery Fascinated by scientific proof that the dynamic sensory contrast of tantalizing chocolate... ..


Salty Fingers

Sea Salt and Vinegar For the true taste connoisseur and those with well-developed pallets, we... ..


Parma Amore

Aged Parmesan and Garlic Everyone will fall in amore with Ella's Parma dusted popcorn. You'll... ..


Cocoa Berry

Hibiscus, Elderberry, Citrus, Strawberry, with Dark Chocolate The strawberry is a symbol of Venus, the... ..


Bee Dreamy Almond

Bee-Licious Got a NAME CHANGE! New name, same ingredients, same taste!  North Carolina Honey | Crunchy Almonds... ..



Crisp Craquelin | Sri Lankan Cinnamon The mythical Cinnamon Bird made its nest from cinnamon... ..


The Gold Rush

12-year-old North Carolinian, Conrad Reed, found a 17-pound gold nugget in 1799 which led to... ..